Schools and classrooms were designed to be collaborative and social environments where students interact with teachers and peers to  reach their individual potential. However, there has been a paradigm shift in education that requires young children to learn both synchronously and asynchronously in a virtual academic environment.

The demands placed on 21st century learners to create, communicate, collaborate and think critically using digital mediums has created more inequality in education. Many administrators and teachers falsely assume that children are “digital natives” and possess the skill to successfully navigate their devices, learning management systems and make sense of multimodal literacy. Students and families have recognized the need for individual instruction to keep their students performing at or above grade level. I personally work with each student in K-5 to show them how navigate and use learning management systems and access their coursework. This allows them to build a foundation for organization and systematic thinking. 

K-5 tutoring services emphasize independence and organization of schoolwork by building on core academic skills including:

  • reading comprehension
  • writing with evidence and opinion
  • phonics and spelling
  • math operations 
  • methodologies for solving complex math word problems

Students will develop self confidence, critical thinking methods and enhance multimodal literacy as they build independence and a foundation for their future.