Test Preparation

Parents and students are constantly in search of the best opportunity for higher education. Statistics show that students who enter a four year university will earn over $750,000 more over the course of their career. College acceptance is largely based on academic achievement, entrance exams and extracurricular activities. I work  with each student to tailor their course selection, craft a holistic view of extracurricular activities complete a Princeton Review online SAT preparation course. The tiers of courses include self paced ($299) and essential ($699). My tutoring services are offered in tandem with these courses at an hourly rate. iGen Education is dedicated to building a pathway to success for each student and family.

Course Selection and College Application

I work individually with each student and family to develop an action plan for course selection and college applications. We review past academic performance, current course load, test scores and future goals to develop a range of schools. Students can leverage their data and insights from skills assessments to help pursue courses that align with their unique abilities. For example, if your student excels in math and has analytical and design skills; they would be a great fit for a course like AP Aerospace Engineering. If  your student is highly creative, artistic and has computer skills, they would excel in a multimedia design or web design course. We review  course offerings to develop a roadmap that aligns with your student’s future goals and objectives.



Safety, Target and Reach Schools

Each student often works with their guidance counselor to develop a list of schools that fall into each category. However, much of this guidance is provided on outdated information and is delivered the same way to each student. College is large expense and predictive factor in success that requires a more tailored approach.

iGen Education helps develop a target list based on your academic profile, extracurricular activities, geographic desires and financial needs.  We also offer more targeted application help such as essay topics, writing style and pre-college major selection.