The interpersonal and technical skills required to be successful in today’s economy are rapidly changing. There is a clear emphasis on data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and the need for technical skills.  IGen Education uses career and interpersonal assessment tools to help align your student’s interests and strengths for the future.


In-Demand Skills

 Traditional corporate careers are less commonplace and workers are compensated for their unique ability and skills. In turn, the jobs that are emerging and driving our economy are highly dependent on technology. The report below from LinkedIn lists the top 10 emerging jobs skills, all of which require computer and data competency. The interpersonal skills listed from the World Economic Forum highlight the convergence of technical skills and emotional intelligence for success in the 21st century. 

Future Job Growth and Demand 2020 and Beyond

The 2020 report below from LinkedIn shows projected growth in career clusters. Data and Artificial Intelligence, Engineering and Cloud Computin and  Sales & Marketing Content are expected to have the most growth. These career clusters align with the emphasis on technical skills seen in the Davos WEF 2020 report like web development and computer networking

Alternative Career Paths / Career and Technical Education 

The benefits of a four year degree are still clear and necessary for most students. However, alternative careers and skilled trades have seen shortages of skilled workers. Enrolling in a CTE high school prepares students to enter the workforce directly after graduation, without the burden of student debt.